Underwater and Topside Inspection

Underwater inspection forms a major part of our oilfield support services. Full quality assurance procedures are applied to all aspects of our services with associated documentation and quality control.

The underwater operations include inspection, sub-sea hose change, leak repair, underwater erosion control, underwater welding and cutting, underwater repairs and installation, salvage of vessels and rescue operations, cleaning of platform legs and vessel hull in order to free them of  barnacle, marine growth and other fouling agents. Second Adams maintains American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) and Lloyd’s Register of Shipping certifications for the in-water inspection and survey of ships, high speed and light craft, and mobile offshore drilling units (MODUs).

A comprehensive Inspection with us starts with initial site visit to enable us plan the inspection. We generate an Inspection Work Scope (IWS) document through the visit and prepare datasheet that will go along the IWS. Then, our inspectors will be armed with pre-prepared datasheet ready to perform a General Visual Inspection (GVI) and followed by a Close Visual Inspection (CVI) with the aid of advance flaw detection equipment if the member inspected is a suspect.


We carry out nondestructive test on joints and welds using ultrasonic flaw detection tools, radiography, liquid penetrant and magnetic particle inspection to detect cracks and inclusion in welds and structural members.

We also perform flooded member detection on submerged offshore structure in conjunction with cathodic potential measurement  for corrosion protection, and integrity verification of sacrificial anodes.

We offer rope access services for works to be performed at high and deep points where it is impossible to reach with traditional methods such as scaffold and crane.

Rope Access provides maximum safety and is considered a highly efficient and flexible system that allows multiple disciplines in one team.

Rope Access operations have minimum equipment requirements assuring easy logistics and minimum impact to concurrent operations, processes and or work environments.

We perform blasting and painting, ultra-sonic thickness measurement, magnetic particle inspection using rope access.