Fuel security is very important to a country’s economic and political stability. Therefore, we seek to work with government and private organization with source of feed stock to build and operate Modular refineries with capacity up to 50kbpd. We encourage the setup in strategic locations of countries close to the source of crude or point of sales. Our turnkey approach to project and financing makes our projects viable as we tie both feedstock and offtake assurance together.

A Modular Refinery is a processing plant that has been constructed solely on skid mounted structure whose parts or equipment are constructed in modules designed to be transported quickly and easily anywhere in the world and comes in a variety of sizes with capacities.

We deliver our fully engineered and pre-fabricated modular process units to different customers. Our aptness and project execution experience can help you manage and monetize resources effectively. Our modular refinery’s solutions are best suited for projects like:

  • Short projects timeline
  • Projects requiring fast track delivery
  • Strict products specification
  • Limited, critical onsite resources

Each of the structure of our modular refinery consists of a portion of the entire procedure plant, and through piping the components link together to form an easily manageable process.