Hardware & Safety Equipment Procurement

We have developed an extensive network of reliable sources  for oil and gas application. This access to worldwide services  enables the company to obtain materials and equipment  competitively and quickly while maintaining the highest  standards. We also have a buying house with good relationship  with several Manufacturing companies both in Nigeria and  abroad.

We offer integrated procurement supply services to oil and gas  industries. We handle the challenge of global sourcing. All  procurement items and orders are handled by the department  with assistance from specialist engineers in various fields.

We pride ourselves in superior customer service and  personalized procurement assistance far beyond industry  standards

Our range of products include but not limited to the following:

  • Plates, Pipes and Tubes,
  • Valves and Fittings,
  • Mechanical Equipment, and
  • Safety and Personal Safety Equipment.

Your personal safety is our business and greatest  concern.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is for the safety  and protection of all individuals on your construction  site.

Ensuring all vulnerable areas of the body are protected  by PPE is vital, including Head Protection, Eye  Protection, Ear Protection, Respiratory Equipment,  Hand Protection, Foot Protection and more.