High Performance Industrial Lubricants

Our high-performance industrial lubricants typically  consist of synthetic base oils and advanced additive  packages that provide superior performance compared  to conventional lubricants.

We have several types of high-performance industrial  lubricants, including synthetic oils, mineral oils, and  specialty lubricants such as silicone and fluorocarbon-  based lubricants. Each type of lubricant is designed for  specific applications and operating conditions.

Synthetic oils: are made from chemical compounds  that are designed to provide superior performance and  durability. These lubricants are ideal for use in high-  temperature applications (gearboxes, engines, and  hydraulic systems).

Mineral oil: are made from crude oil and are suitable  for use in applications that do not require high-  temperature performance or extreme durability.

Specialty lubricants: are used in specific applications  where traditional lubricants cannot perform  effectively. For example, silicone-based lubricants are  often used in food processing and pharmaceutical  industries because they are non-toxic and have a wide  temperature range.

Some key features of our lubricants include: excellent  thermal stability, superior wear protection, extended  oil life, improved energy efficiency and compatibility  with different materials.