NDT Solution

We offers a comprehensive portfolio of NDT solutions and cutting-edge software applications. These tools are meticulously designed to cater to a wide range of industries and inspection needs. Our offerings include:

Advanced NDT Scanners: Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, our scanners ensure unparalleled accuracy in surface damage assessment.

Cutting-edge Software Tools: Our software suite empowers our clients with data analysis, visualization, and predictive maintenance capabilities.

Cathodic Potential Measurement: Offering cathodic potential measurement to assess corrosion risk, maintain pipeline safety, and protect assets.

Customized NDT Solutions: We collaborate closely with our clients to develop tailor-made NDT solutions that address unique challenges.

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Second Adams takes pride in offering an all-encompassing 3D NDT (Non-Destructive Testing) solution that seamlessly blends the power of an advanced 3D scanner with a cutting-edge software application. These meticulously designed tools cater to a wide spectrum of industries and inspection needs, ushering in a host of distinct advantages:

1. 3D NDT Visualization: With a commitment to state-of-the-art technology, our solution guarantees unparalleled precision in the assessment of surface corrosion and damage. We provide a crystal-clear, three-dimensional representation of the inspected area, leaving no room for inaccuracies.

2. Cutting-Edge Software Tools: The data captured by our cutting-edge scanner is subjected to thorough analysis by our advanced software. This process enhances visualization and predictive maintenance capabilities, ensuring that potential issues are not only identified but also understood in depth.

3. Customized NDT Solutions: At Second Adams, we don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions. We work closely with our clients to tailor NDT solutions that are uniquely suited to address their specific challenges. Your needs drive our innovation.

4. Alternative to Pipeline Pigging: Our 3D NDT solution provides a compelling alternative to traditional intelligent pigging. It makes it possible to assess the integrity of pipelines that were once considered unpiggable. This innovation opens up new possibilities for pipeline inspection and maintenance, ensuring the safety and efficiency of critical infrastructure.


  • Data analysis and report generation directly onsite, allowing for rapid decision-making
  • Peace of mind through accurate, repeatable, and traceable results
  • Reduced latency, as pipes are reburied more quickly
  • Ability to conserve data over time, making it possible to compare damage evolution
  • Prevention of environmental catastrophe
  • Highest accuracy on digital reconstruction
  • Technician-independent measurements free from human error at the acquisition stage
  • Versatile measurement method for all geometry types, such as spheres, cylindrical heads, tank floors, etc.
  • Polyvalent surface damage assessment approach for all types of mechanical damages, such as corrosion, dent, and gouge
  • Ability to export inspection results into CSV or STL files for further evaluation
  • Calculation of wear, corrosion, and erosion rates, as well as deformation, alignment, and ovality
  • Advanced and automatic report generation
  • Easy-to-use metrology tool kit, optimized for industrial maintenance applications




Unlike traditional pit gauges, Our powerful scanner and software has the capacity to measure both the internal corrosion (thanks to UT or interior 3D scanning if possible) and external corrosion (with 3D scanning) to get a complete 3D visualization of the damages for more detailed, in-depth analyses.


  • High-resolution capture of all corroded areas
  • Fast surface acquisition to increase efficiency
  • Improved scanning performance for small features, such as pitting


  • Feature detection using real pipe geometry
  • Automatically applied interaction rules
  • Estimated burst pressure calculations
  • Enhanced virtual pit gauge capabilities near welds and obstacles
  • ASME Compliant: B31.G, B31.G modified, Effective Area


  • Excel report including worst-case profiles and predicted failure paths
  • Export to CSV available for further analysis
  • Mesh export available
  • Customizable pass/fail criteria
  • Snapshot tool for 3D reporting


Our powerful scanner and software provides key pipeline inspection functionalities, such as the automatic detection of the maximum depth, which can be difficult to find with traditional measurement methods, like pit gauges.


  • High-resolution organized mesh file to enhance analysis capabilities
  • Fast measurements in any condition


  • Automatic maximum depth detection
  • Depth measurement using straight edge and pipe caliper
  • Strain-based analysis
  • Shoulder section available
  • ASME Compliant: B31.8R, Strain Analysis


  • Cross-section details (axial and circumferential)
  • CSV depth grid export
  • Mesh export available
  • Excel report with ovality measurements (diameter with caliper)


Our powerful scanner and software’s wrinkle analysis module is programmed to calculate the crest-to-trough depth of the ripple as well as the wavelength, circumferential extent, and diameter restriction—enhancing the quality of pipeline inspection analyses and reporting


  • Fast and user-independent 360° measurements
  • Scanning multiple wrinkles simultaneously during a single acquisition


  • Crest-to-trough depth of deformations
  • Wavelength
  • Circumferential extent
  • Diameter restriction


  • Excel report with all standard information for wrinkle analysis

We pride ourselves on our commitment to technological excellence and our dedication to meeting the unique demands of our clients.